ERASMUS Departmental Co-ordinators


Below, please find the list of our ERASMUS departmental co-ordinators.

We suggest you contact them directly  should you have very specific questions about their discipline.


LLCER (Modern Languages)

Applied Languages (LEA)


Department of Arabic: Ms Laurence DENOOZ Applied Arabic studies: Ms Laurence DENOOZ Department of Classical Studies: Mr Guy VOTTERO
Department of English: Ms Barbara SCHMIDT Applied English studies: Mr Jean-Philippe HEBERLE Department of Cultural Studies: Mr Matthieu FREYHEIT
Department of German: Mr Maurice KAUFFER Applied German studies: Ms Myriam RENAUDOT Department of Modern Literature: Mr Alain GENETIOT
Department of Italian: Ms Laura TOPPAN Applied Italian studies: Mr Giuseppe CADEDDU Department of Musicology: Ms Cristina DIEGO PACHECO
Department of Russian: Ms Lucie KEMPF Applied Russian studies: Ms Lioudmila CHVEDOVA
Department of Spanish: Mr Yannick Llored &

Mr Nicolas BLAYO

Applied Spanish studies: Ms Christelle DI CESARE
Department of Translation Studies: Ms Laura TOPPAN Applied Polish studies: Mr Stanislaw FISZER
Czech language: Ms Lenka FROULIKOVA
Polish language: Mr Stanislaw FISZER



For those who wish to fine-tune their language skills, we also provide French classes for international students (French as a Foreign Language): Ms Florence PONCET

For more information, please visit their website: