Course Selection & Timetable

What courses can I take on the Arts & Humanities Campus?


Modern languages, Literature, Musicology, …, you name it, our Campus offers a wide range of subjects!

As an international student, you are most welcome to choose your modules and make up your very own learning agrement from our course catalogue below (also, make sure that you carefully read the instructions that come with it!


We trust you’ve already come up with a learning agreement proposal “before the mobility” when you first applied.


You might be wondering if you have to strictly stick to it?


The pre-learning agreement is not set in stone and you are of course allowed some changes. If you decide to change your original learning agreement, you are then required to get the “during the mobility” part of the ERASMUS + learning agreement approved and signed again by both your Home University Co-Ordinator as well as your Departmental Co-Ordinator at Université de Lorraine. Tip: if you ever wish to edit your learning agreement, drop a module or swap classes, make sure that it is approved by your Home University beforehand! Also, please bear in mind that changes may only occur within the first three weeks after the semester starts (i.e. by early october at the latest); passed that time, it will prove impossible for you to make up for what you have missed out on and we will therefore not be in a position to approve late changes.


Course catalogue – Fall semester: Arts, Languages and Literature

Course catalogue – Spring semester: Arts, Languages and Literature

Note that our course catalogues above compile our undergraduate programmes only. For those willing to take postgraduate modules, please send an email to Barbara Schmidt with as many details as possible about the type of courses you are looking for and we shall find them for you.

Instructions on how to read the Course catalogues are included in each catalogue.


Where & How can I find my timetable ?


Once you have selected the courses you wish to take, you will then need to find out where and when they take place. To do so, please check your Espace Numérique de Travail as shown during the Welcome & Orientation meeting.

You can also refer to theConsultation plannings” guide.


PLEASE, note that our course catalogue applies to exchange students host by UFR ALL-Nancy only. A formal request will have to be made by exchange students from other Campuses who wish to take courses on the Arts & Humanities Campus (contacts: Barbara Schmidt and Claire Soitin).

Similarly, exchange students on the Arts & Humanities Campus will only be allowed to take courses on other campuses upon request.


1 Due to organisational reasons, the orientation meeting will take place in early September for all the incoming students starting in semester 1. For students starting in semester 2, you will be given all of the useful information as well as be shown how to use the University tools individually or in small groups in the nternational Office.


Where can I find more information about each curriculum?


For more information about the different curricula, please visit or check the links below: