Course & Exam Enrolment



How do I register into my courses?



Once you have chosen all your courses and have made up your own timetable, you will be given the first three weeks after the semester starts to attend your classes and make sure they meet your expectations, your needs and your academic backgrounds.

Conversely, you might have to change your original learning agreement if you find out that some of your classes overlap, are irrelevant to your area of expertise or prove hard for you to follow.


Unlike regular students, exchange students are not required to register in their courses themselves.

To be enrolled, please fill out the following document Fiche pédagogique semestre A 2018-2019 and return it to UFR ALL-Nancy International Office within the first 3 weeks of the semester (i.e. by October 5th 2018 at the latest). This will give you some leeway to get a good overview of what the course is about and what is expected from you (workload, assessments). In case, a course proves too hard and/or does not match your expectations, we suggest you choose other courses and edit your learning agreement accordingly: this again is advised to occur within the first three weeks after the start; Passed that date, you will be expected to come up with a steady learning agreement and stick to it.



Also, please note that the Fiche Pédagogique is used for internal purposes only. Therefore, you will also be asked to fill out the “during the mobility” part of the learning agreement for your Home University, should you have made changes to your original learning agreement.


Once, you’re enrolled in all of your courses, you will be able to :

  1. Access your own timetable for the ongoing semester;
  2. Access online courses and online material;
  3. Check your “Exam Calendar” (that will be displayed a couple of weeks before the examination session starts);
  4. Check your grades.